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Vauxhall Signum Low Power and Slow

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Vauxhall engine

I have recently solved a problem with my Vauxhall Signum 2004 1.9i Diesel and wanted to share.

The symptoms were:

  • Lacking power, slow to accelerate
  • EML comes on at engine start but goes off after driving a short distance
  • Noisy engine during acceleration
  • If over revved the Signum goes into ‘limp mode’ and the engine management light comes on until the engine is restarted

I found an excellent post titled Poor Performance … Check your boost pipes. Boost pipes are sometimes called vacuum pipes. I bought some 4mm internal diameter silicon pipe from ebay and started checking the pipes in the engine.

Within 10 minutes I found that one of the very short sections of rubber (just above the radiator close to the battery) had a split in it. I removed this and replaced it with a short section of my new pipe. I was doubtful that that was the cause of all my problems though.

I decided to go for a test drive …… what a difference. It was driving like a new car, turbo kicking in, powering away, a pleasure to drive. I have been embarrassed when pulling into traffic as it was taking up to 30 seconds to reach 30 mph before this fix.

On the same forum was another similar post with plenty of pictures called 2.2dti silicon boost pipes fitted (photos included). Thank you guys for posting your solutions which gave me the confidence to do it myself.


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April 11, 2012 at 8:44 pm

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