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HTML Validation and Google

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I was working on my websites today and looking to see which sites are currently ranking high for my favourite keywords.

I noticed another website which was consistently high in the rankings for several searches. The website in question is very large and informative one with lots of original content, which is always nice to see. I wanted to examine the html and see what was under the surface.

It turned out that the html, although presenting well, was a bit shoddy and when I ran it throught a validator showed 69 errors. Furthermore, when I pulled the code apart it appeared that the menu on the left was below the content in the middle and the tables were badly composed.

This has the advantage that the keyword content was nearer the top of the page, a classic SEO technique. It was however obvious from the consistent performance of the website that the bad code in no way affected the rankings in any way. It is possible that the website has adopted this technique because of its success.

Of course the main point is that there was good, original, solid content on the subject for which I was searching … so no rants from me.

<footnote>Worth mentioning that there was not a single heading tag on this site. Interesting.</footnote>


Written by barnabyfry

November 27, 2006 at 10:54 pm

Posted in SEO

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