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Today I am in my office and have just created my own blog. So here I go with my first entry.

This morning before work, my 16 month old son Joshua, straining to do what comes naturally, vomited on my face, hair etc. Oh, the joys of fatherhood. He was unwell yesterday and all he wanted to do was cuddle his Mum (my wonderful wife Emma).

I love being a Dad. It is the single most amazing experience of my life to date. I still feel awe when I look at him. I feel that I have grown and evolved as an adult as he has grown and evolved as a child. The experience has changed me and my philosophy, or perhaps it is more of a shift in focus.

When Emma became pregnant we had a reassurance scan at 7 weeks. We saw a flashing image on the scan the size of a bean. Little ‘Beany beacon’ as we refered to him/her had an immediate effect on me. We sat and had a coffee after the scan and I observed that, all things being equal, that heartbeat will still be beating long after mine has stopped. Surely that is the meaning of life.

OK, entry number one. The meaning of life.

Today is also my Brother Jeremy’s birthday so Happy Birthday Jez.


Written by barnabyfry

November 2, 2006 at 4:12 pm

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